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Uploading A Resume File

If you have a resume file you would like to send along with this, save it in one of the following formats and then use the "Choose File" button below to select it:

  • Plain Text - the .TXT files that can be saved from nearly every word processor.
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  • RTF - Rich Text Format, a document format from Microsoft designed for easy interchange.
  • DOCX - The XML-based openXML format from Microsoft.
  • DOC - Native MS Word format
  • PAGES - Native format for Apple's Pages word processor.

Note Filenames are not supposed to include quotes or apostrophes. Yes, your filename isn't causing problems on your system, and won't on ours, but your browser may not encode the quote properly for transmission (sad but true, browsers have bugs which have undefined consequences) so it's better for all concerned to just remove the quote or apostrophe before selecting the file for upload.

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